Memorial Worx - Cotswold Collection

44 Cremation Memorials Classic Tablet with gold pin line design. 2”(h)x12”(w)x18”(d) A hand shaped and polished book design. 4”-2”(h)x18”(w)x15”(d) A sand blasted book design. 2”(h)x18”(w)x15”(d) A shaped book design with cord, tassel and vase. 5”-3”(h)x18”(w)x18”(d) Elegant painted rose with gold pin line. 2”(h)x18”(w)x12”(d) A classic Desk Tablet with moulded edges. 4”-2”(h)x18”(w)x18”(d) A small Ogee shaped headstone and rectangular base. Ogee 12”(h)x21”(w)x3”(d) Base 2”(h)x23”(w)x9”(d) Shown in Coral Green Granite Classic Vase and Headstone design. Headstone 12”(h)x16”(w)x2”(d) Vase 4”(h)x6”(w)x6”(d) Base 2”(h)x23”(w)x9”(d) Shown in Black Granite Rectangular Tablet with Vase rest and base. Tablet 12”(h)x18”(w)x2”(d) Rest 10”(h)x6”(w)x9”-6”(d) Base 2”(h)x20”(w)x14”(d) Shown in Lunar Grey Granite 16184 16185 16186 16190 16191 16192 16196 16197 16198 Shown in Dark Grey Granite Shown in Lunar Grey Granite Shown in Black Granite Shown in Tropical Green Granite Shown in Black Granite Shown in Black Granite