Memorial Worx - Cotswold Collection

43 Children’s Memorials 16181 Shown in Avon Grey Granite 16180 A fully carved Teddy holds onto the circular headstone. Headstone 19”(h)x23”(w)x3”(d) Base 3”(h)x24”(w)x12”(d) Shown in Black Granite 16178 The fully carved Teddy holding this headstone can be replaced with other characters as shown in the inset. Headstone 27”(h)x21”(w)x3”(d) Base 3”(h)x24”(w)x12”(d) Shown in Black Granite 16179 A simple but effective alternative to our classic ‘Teddy and Heart’ memorial. Overall 30”(h)x24”(w)x32”(d) Shown in Black Granite 16182 A sandblast Teddy and Heart memorial. Headstone 22”(h)x16”(w)x2”(d) Base 2”(h)x18”(w)x12”(d) Shown in Blue Pearl Granite 16183 A fully carved ‘Patch’ teddy and star. The inscription can be created from a handwritten dedication as shown. This technique can be used to personalise many of the memorials in this section. Headstone 18”(h)x18”(w)x3”(d) Base 3”(h)x18”(w)x12”(d) Shown in Galaxy Black Granite