Memorial Worx - Cotswold Collection

48 16202 Square vase with moulded corners. 8”(h)x8”(w)x8”(d) Shown in Dark Grey Granite 16207 A popular heart shaped vase. Vase 10”(h)x10”(w)x7”(d) Base 1”(h)x12”(w)x9”(d) Shown in Black Granite 16208 A carved marble vase. Vase 8”(h)x10”(w)x8”(d) Base 1”(h)x12”(w)x10”(d) Shown in Cararra Marble 16203 Square vase with check top and base. Vase 7”(h)x7”(w)x7”(d) Base 2”(h)x8”(w)x8”(d) Shown in Lunar Grey Granite 16206 Square vase. 7”(h)x7”(w)x7”(d) Shown in Ruby Red Granite 16209 A turned vase. 10”(h)x12”(w)x12”(d) Shown in Flint Grey Granite 16204 Square vase with tapered chamfered edges. Vase 8”(h)x8”(w)x8”(d) Base 1”(h)x10”(w)x10”(d) Shown in Black Granite 16205 Shadow punched portrait on a vase. 6”(h)x12”(w)x6”(d) Shown in Black Granite 16210 Classic turned globe vase. 10”(h)x8”(w)x8”(d) Shown in Black Granite Vases